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6 Clearest Signs He will Leave his Girlfriend soon

he will leave his girlfriend

Here you can explore the signs he will leave his girlfriend for you. If you are a girl on the waiting list of your boyfriend and he promises you that soon he will leave her girlfriend for you, then don’t worry, he will. But, it would be best if you were vigilant in this matter as maybe being on the waiting list can end up missing some good options for you.

Although being in a relationship with a man who is already having a serious relationship or marriage is quite difficult. However, it is obvious to ask questions like when he is going to left her girlfriend or wife? Or when hey will be together forever? The pain, discomfort, and confusion at the same time make you completely restless.

According to relationship advisers, it is not a good idea to start a relationship with such a person. Suppose you fall in love with such a person then ready to bear this pain as well. As being in wait is the most difficult condition for most females. Anyhow, if you are just stuck in such a scenario then have a look at our subject under discussion.

In order to end up your relationship confusion, here we shortlist the top 6 clearest signs that he really loves you and will definitely leave her girlfriend. Read and observe these trails in your boyfriend’s personality to be sure about your future.

  1. Priority over his Girlfriend or Wife:

If you are in a relationship with a married or committed man and looking for the signs, he will leave his girlfriend soon, then the first thing to notice is, did he prefer you over his wife or GF?.  If the answer is yes, then it is a positive sign for your relationship as he will leave her soon.  This is because when you truly love someone, you did not care about anyone else. The person includes you in your priority list only when he seriously feels for you and wants to carry his relationship to the next level. Therefore, notice that he prefer you in his free hours, give you the time, care, and love you deserve.

  1. Express openly in Public:

Point two is the most important one here. If your boyfriend really loves you and will leave his girlfriend soon then, he will be very open in Public.  He will not behave like a cowardly person who hesitates to take you with him. When he is determined to include you in his life, then he will not bow down.

Thinking about other people will have none of his business. He is the least concerned about what people will say about their relationship. You and your happiness is the thing that matters to him all. Such a man is the man of words. Look, your boyfriend has his quality then be sure he is always yours.

  1. Trouble in the Relationship.

Observe that your boyfriend really faces some relationship complexities or not. To be sure about your position in your boyfriend’s life, you must keep a check on what is going in his married or committed life.

The person is having relationship troubles like arguments or misbehaves with her wife then you can be sure that he is not happy with his married life and looking for an escape.

However, some cheater may take advantage of your feeling for the satisfaction of his physical needs. He may use you and have a good marriage and kids, on the other hand. Therefore, be extra careful and start working on it.

  1. He Does Not Play On Your Sense Of Self-Worth:

Some boys have the habit of having secret affairs while having a happily married life. They do so purposely to satisfy their emotional and physical needs. You are just a thing to time pass for him. Such guys are sociopaths; they do not want to bring down their relationship down in front of the world. Therefore, they keep lingering on by saying that he will get divorced but do not take any real stand for you.

He may or may not happy with his married life, but his reputation is the only thing that matters to him.  What will people say is the major concern that will not let him stay apart from his previous relationship? Be cautious of such guys as you are wasting your time by investing in emotions and love.

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  1. Discuss Financial Problems:

A relation between a girlfriend and boyfriend is not limited to love and bed. If both of you are in a serious relationship, then you must talk about your personal and financial issues.

The person you love if have children; then, a divorce will bring a financial dependency of kids on him. If he discusses your matter regarding children’s financial support or custody, then it is a sign that he is serious to left them and make a happy start with you. But, be careful as here a doubt arise he may be with you for money.

  1. He Truly Cares About Your Feelings:

Some cheaters or flirts start relationships to have some excitement and fun in their life. They are more often romantic and touchy to you. This is a negative sign for your relationship, as this shows him more concern towards your body instead of emotions.

On the other hand, if he really wants to start a relationship with you, then he will respect your feelings and will remain committed without crossing his limits. He will be happy to meet with you, talk, and discuss things instead of being ready for a kiss all time. Thus, you can make sure about your space in his life through his conduct.


In conclusion, I would like to warn you to stay away from such guys. You must ask yourself that a person would start a new married relationship with you after divorcing the first one. Such a person will be 100 percent true to you while leaving his wife and kids on the other hand. Anyhow, the choice is yours. If you observe the above-mentioned 6 points in your boyfriend, then be sure he will be yours forever.

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