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49+ Chemistry Pick up lines to get response from your Crush

Chemistry Pick up lines

Chemistry is one of the major subjects in school & colleges.  Sending chemistry pickup lines to someone special is a great way to get a response and start a conversation. These are funny, interactive, and helpful in getting the response from the person. Let’s have a look at the top chemistry pick lines to make your talk more cherish.

Top Chemistry Pick up lines

I might be a chemistry major, but I did never Bohr you.

Because you are beautiful, so you might be made from gold and titanium.

As you are too hot, you can melt down a nuclear reactor.

Hey, we both have an unpaired electron.

You are hotter than a Bunsen burner.

Are you made from tellurium and copper? Because you are so cute.

Forget hydrogen, you are my number one element.

Are you made from neon, iodine, and fluorine because you are damn fine?

If I was an enzyme, I could unzip your genes.

What did the other elements say to hydrogen?

I saw U and I together like Uranium and Iodine.

Girl, you raise my boiling point because you are like salt.

We both have mass, so we are naturally attracted.

I have many chemistry jokes but I fear getting bad reactions.

Billions of neutrons penetrate you every second. May I.

You are a photon because you excite me to a higher energy level.

Are you a carbon sample? Because I want to date you.

I am attracted to you like an electron to a photon.

Baby, I am like fluorine around you.

Are you into science? Because I LAB you.

Are you acid in my esophagus because you are making my heartburn?

You must be potassium because when you get wet, you are on fire.

Hey baby, I have got my ion you!

Hey baby, wanna swap oxidation numbers.

Be my lab partner? We have got chemistry.

You are the only element that makes my life.

Call me the periodic table because I got all the metals.

You are so hot, you make my lab goggles fog up.

Hey baby, you are sodium to my chloride.

You are the atom that makes up everything.

I hope, you get some exciting responses after sending any of these chemistry pick-up lines. Good Luck in the future!

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