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Christian Pick Up Lines | Silly, Funny and Bible Jokes

Christian Pick Up Lines

Christian pick-up lines are cheesy, funny, and awkward. The use of a sense of humor at the right time and make the other person smile is a talent in its own way.

Let’s walk in the levels of joy ignoring all the worries of life. Send these Christian pick-up lines to make a cherished conversation with your friend or family.

Top Christian Pick Up Lines

I was admiring how the good Lord has blessed him.

Hey, would it be breaking the 8th commandment if I stole your heart?

God just called, He’s missing his angel.

Hey you, is that a mirror in your bible?

Hey girl, I’m in the lord’s army.

God was just showing off when he made you.

Hey girl, you. Me. Song of Solomon the remix.

I am not exactly single, I am in a relationship with Jesus.

Darling, you the second best thing that happened to me. Jesus being the first.

I put the stud in the bible study.

I know why Solomon has 700 wives because he never met you.

You make me feel like Samson with weak in the knees.

I heard Jesus called you, mind if I did the same?

I just so happen to be wearing the armor of God.

The bible says to give a drink to a thirsty person.

Few more interesting Christian pick up lines

If you were around with Noah, then try you, and my pair.

I would slay 2 goliaths for you.

O God, what your plan for me for the rest of my life.

I usually not too much prophetic.

Is this transfiguration?

The bible says to think about whatever is lovely and pure.

I have been reading the bible, the holy book of God.

I believe one of my ribs belongs to you.

Your neck is like the tower of David built with elegance.

When you see an attractive single person walk into the church.

My name is will….God’s will.

I heard that God offering love tonight.

Jesus recommends me. He says I’m to die for.

The bible says to feed the hungry, How about dinner?

The hair is like a flock of goats.

I Hope, these top 30 funny and silly Christian pickup lines will make your partner laugh louder!

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