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Food Pick up Lines: 59+ Working Words | Latest

Food Pick up Lines

Sending cheesy and crispy pick-up lines make you able to gain more attention and quick replies from the other side. These are interesting, funny, meaningful, and engaging pick-up lines. On the basis of my personal experience, I receive quick and healthy responses whenever I send food pick-up lines.

You can send these pick-up lines as a WhatsApp status, Facebook post, or direct message. He or she surely adores the concept of foodie memes.

Funny & Interesting Food Pick up Lines

We should get coffee because I like a latte.

If you were a vegetable you should be a cute cucumber.

You must be a banana, I like you a peeling.

I think we should make a ripened pear.

I have chicken nuggets now all I need is U!

You are the best macaroni to my cheese.

You make my heart skip a beat.

Do you have raisins? How about a date?

You have stolen pizza my heart.

I cannoli have eyes for you.

I think we are mint to be!

You can call me fruit or food because you trust me.

I think you are a barbie cute.

You look like a bowl of ice cream. I just gotta spoon you.

Love me till ice-cream……….!!

You are like a pizza, even you are bad, I like to taste.

Are you cheese, I want you on everything?

You make my heart beat faster.

First I drink tea, then I do things.

I think we can make a juicy awesome pear.

This may be cheesy, but I think you are a great.

Your name must be jelly, no need to shake.

You are the McDonald of my heart.

You are the missing ingredients of dreams.

Be a cheese for my zinger.

You are the crust for my pizza.

You are spicier than red chilies for a burger.

I cannoli have eyes for you.

You are so sweet like candy for the kids.

You are the broken pizza part of my heart.

I Hope, you will get interesting responses and a healthy start of a conversation with these food pick-up lines. Good luck!

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