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Love is a relationship of intense feelings and mood swings. Make your partner -girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, fiance or best friend by sending funny love memes.

Expressing love every now and then, make your partner feels his /her importance in your life. Here we have 47 memes with great meanings to tell your partner about the way you love him.

These memes will definitely bring a smile to your fiance’s face every time you send the I lOVE YOU memes!

 Funny love memes for her– Girlfriend, Wife, Fiance!

I love you enough to make our iPhone-Samsung relationship work.

Hug me I am trying……

I will love you until PI runs out of decimal places.

My love is like a candle….as you forget, I will burn you.

Sometimes I wish I was an octopus so that I hug you eight times as much.

Goodnight and if you dream of me remember I like it rough.

I want to be the reason you look down at your phone and smile.

Don’t be fooled by the face. I had a baby without medication.

Hy! love you even when I am hungry.

I love peeling….I go bananas for you.

Let me count the ways I love you….Oh, forget count..!

I could lay next to you or until we decide to go eat.

I am so glad you seduced me with your charming awkwardness.

Is your body from McDonald’s? Because I am loving it!!!

Yes, I am not perfect, I will annoy you make fun of, and say stupid things.

I love you like a fat kid loves cake.

You hold my heart in your hands, Don’t Clap!!!!!

I will always love you No matter how fat I become

Whenever my heart and mind fight…It’s always my liver that suffers.

You are the cheese to my macaroni.

My love for you is like diarrhea…Can’t hold it in.

I am sorry….I love you.

Funny love memes for him-Boyfriend, Husband & best friend

You complete me…….I love your bed.

I am cute….You can Love me now.

Don’t worry, you got my love.

I just popped up to say…..I am for you.

You’re funny… I love you long time me not love!!!!!

No matter how stinky your farts are. I will always love you.

You are cute. Can I keep your face for a kiss?

I want to spend the rest of my life starring at your face.

I miss you when I am not horny.

Never laugh at your wife’s choice…..You are one of them.

I will murder everything you love.

I love you from my head to my toes.

They say “do what you love” I wanna do you.

I love you more than cookies.

I miss you like an idiot misses the point.

My heart aches, when you are not with me!!!

I might be Crumpy but I love you.

Ladies, I am taken, and she is just my type.

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I am smiling because I love you.

I am mad at you. But I still love you.

Have I told you lately? That I love you.

I am a wild love, love consumes me.

Come and hug me as you eat zinger!!!

You are my sunshine and rain, basically, you make me hot and wet.

I love you with all my body.

You are the type of guy I’d make a sandwich for!!!!.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are some frequently asked questions that how to love memes that could work for you!

How do memes tap into your cultural knowledge?

Understanding a meme requires you to have a certain amount of cultural knowledge, and often, it requires you to have knowledge of obscure pop culture references. When people understand a meme, it confirms that they’re hip to the references.

How do memes let people ease the tension?

Memes are frequently addressed topics that are difficult to discuss. Political disagreements, social pressures, and major societal changes can be tackled in memes in a way that makes a point while still eliciting a laugh. Mems lets people reveal their tens by changing their minds into funny and talky things.


I hope, out of our 47 funny love memes you find the one that expresses your love, brings a smile to your partner, and maintains the charm of your relationship. Good luck with your relationship. In this article, we have conducted Funny love memes, and 80+ Best with the latest and trending images that can work for you.

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