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95+ I LOVE YOU MEME for Your Someone Special

It is important to keep your partner cherished by expressing love every now and then. This can be done by sending romantic and love messages to make them feel happy. Lovely good morning and sweet good night messages make her/his feel your topmost priority even when you are far away.

Expressing feelings with I LOVE YOU MEME to your lover, girlfriend, or life partner is always challenging. Obviously, the best way to express love is to be with your partner at the need to the hour. Consoling him through words and supporting her like a shield.

You can make your lover laugh, remind some good memories, give them a cherished feel, and more. How is it possible?-Send LOVE YOU MEMES! Either a shy person or a strong personality, expressing love in wrapping some humor is a great way to say I LOVE YOU.

The hilarious Love you memes help you to express love in a dynamic way and leave a smile on the face of your loved ones. The efforts show that you struggle to keep your life partner always happy.

Here we make out a collection of 75 hilarious I LOVE YOU MEMES on a single page. You can use these memes as a Facebook status, Whatsapp status, or send us a private message.  Choose any medium to send these romantic and expressive messages and leave a lovely smile on their faces

Let’s jump into the topic and start sending these hilarious and sweet loving memes to your fiancé, wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, friend, or more.

Amazing I Love You Memes for both Him & Her

Come Back Here, Want to love you!

The Meme states that “My love I want to be with you always. I can’t spend a single second without you.” You can send this meme to anyone that’s far away from you. If your lover is on some sort of tour, office, outdoor camping’s just messaged him to show your intense love.

You are amazingly flexible! How do you get your foot in the mouth and head up to the ass, all at the same time?

A Crazy funny meme to praise your lover’s agility and sharpness in a sarcastic way.

My dear Love! I can’t tell you how much I enjoy annoying you. I am excited to do so in the future.

A promising I LOVE YOU meme that indicates that you love to tease your partner and will keep doing the same in the future. This will be Devine!

Express yourself in words! Tell me how much you love me. Ready to listen to you!

Send this romantic meme to bring out your partner’s feelings for you. The meme shows that you anxiously love your partner and want the same response from another side.

IIIIIIIIIIIIEIIIIIIIIIII will always love youuuuuuu!!

Express your intense love for your partner by roaring at him/her that you will always love him

Amazing I Love You Memes for HER

No doubt! it is difficult to impress your wife, girlfriend, or fiance.  It is observed by the relationship experts that girls demand more attention and love as compared to boys. Sending them on and off LOVE YOU MEME will let them know that you have always them in their mind.  Let’s look at a few exciting I love you memes!

I Fucking Love your Fragrance!

A romantic meme that indicates your intense love in deep meanings. Your girlfriend is going to blush for a minute.

I love that I don’t act around you to be the perfect and best man on the planet!

This MEME shows that you are real and genuine around your life partner. You don’t need to act like you are not. You can share this meme with your best friend as well.

My butt adores you

You can express that either you love me or not. But, I love you from the mind and soul.

They say “Do what you love.” I wanna do you!

A cherish meme to show your love to your girlfriend in a sarcastic way.

Someone told me to make her smile to fall in love with you, but when she smiles I’m the one who falls in love every time.

Flirty and a great liner to compel your girl to think about you.

 I Love You Memes – Bring a Smile

True love doesn’t have a happy ending, it has no end.

Express the power of love and purity of mind in words.

Love doubles’ itself when the one you love is your best friend.

Show your love as more intense towards your partner, especially it is the one whom you consider your best friend.

I wish you could see yourself from my eyes, Then you would realize that how much I LOVE YOU!

The best way to express your love whenever your girlfriend or life partner complains that you are ignoring her.

I think you are important, beautiful, good and smart. Even when you don’t feel like you are.

Give her confidence and make her shine everywhere with your encouraging I LOVE YOU meme.

When I am around you Hours feel like seconds When you are away from me Days looks like years

Make her feel special by expressing her importance in your life every second.

Cute I Love You Memes

Let me tell you that I love you Though you are not naked!

Lust and love are quite misunderstood. Make your life partner aware of your true feelings.

You don’t know how good I feel every morning knowing that you are mine!

Say to your partner that her presence is a source of joy for you every day. Assure her that your relationship is strong and ready to face all the hardships.

I truly love your body, eyes, voice, smile, and cheeks. But the most important is I am in love with you.

Compliments make your partner happy and confident. The more you praise her, the more she falls in love with you.

I just amaze when I look at you. This is not because of your looks but the fact that everything I ever dreamed of stands right in front of me and mine too.

This meme explains that your life partner is exactly what you dreamed of. She has every aspect of what you expect in your life partner.

Usually, I don’t say “I love you”, but when I say it is only for an amazing person like you.

Send this meme on any occasion to let her feel that she is the only one who is special in your life.


I love you the way flies love the rotten food.

Sometimes funny jokes wrapping the love dose make your partner happy and more love to you.

Your Smile makes me happy

Your Smile makes me happy

Show your concern to your life partner and tell her or him that you want to see him happy.

I will murder everything you love except me.

An endearing meme to show your intense love. It sounds scary but your partner will love you more after seeing your intimate love.

Thinking of you makes me forget about all-day stress.

Hard time is a part of life. Make your partner think that even in a hard time you think of her to relax your mind and body.

Express your love in clear and straightforward words through the I Love you meme every now and then. Especially if you hesitate to accept.

Perfect I LOVE YOU Quotes

You are MY life, My best friend, My hope, and my love- You are the best!

Share the importance of your partner in your life through this expressive meme.

Good Morning, Love you!

Send your partner a simple good morning meme that reminds your love at the start of the day.

I want to tell you dear that I Love you infinity

Say that your love is beyond the limits and endless.

I hate you and then I love you. It’s just like I want to throw you off the cliff and then rush to catch you at the bottom.

A perfect husband and wife meme where two-person fight and love at the same time.

Loving you is my hobby. It was the best day of my life when I express that I Love you!

Always remains positive in your conduct.  Express that you value your decision to fall in love with your partner.

Cherish I LOVE YOU Quotes

I am smiling just because I am in love with you

A short message to your lover that the reason behind your smile is his/her love.

If you love something then let it go, if it comes back to you then it’s yours, if not then was never meant for you.

It is good to send amazing thoughts well said by love experts. It will have a deep impression on your girlfriend.

Last night, I thought he was sleeping, I just whisper I LOVE YOU to see what it felt like. Nothing makes him as pleased as he whispered I love you too baby!

Let’s help your partner to know what kind of madness you expect from her or him. A nice way to show that you want the same love as mentioned in the quote.

Your tight hug gives me pleasure and peace.

Show your partner that you love to be with her/him. Being close to your partner is the perfect place to rest.

I Love you enough to irritate thousands of people on social media.

Showing off your love on social media platforms is trendy nowadays. So, quote your partner that you love him enough that can make a few people jealous on social media.


You are the most desired thing in my life. The beautiful eyes to look into, amazing name on my phone screen, my favorite afternoon to spend with you. In short, you’re my favorite thing!

Praise your partner every now and then to let her know her importance for you. Through this quote, you can say more than words.

I will hold your hand through thin & thick. Remember, I Love you and I will protect you when it needs.

A great way to tell your partner, that your love is not a fake story. It is intense and ready to face all the challenges.

I Love you today, want you tomorrow, and need you till life.

Show that you want your life partner till life. A great way to express your true feelings.

I can’t express my feelings in words. All can say is “I love you”

Love is the name of feelings that we have for a particular person. Sometimes you can’t express them in words. So better say that you love him.

I am ready for our future together.

I am ready for our future together funny meme

A trustworthy quote to show your sincerity and love for the relationship. It translates your intended to be forever together.

I LOVE YOU MEME for His & Her

Maybe I am not a perfect lover but I love you from my heart and soul.

This quote is simple and to the point. It expresses your feelings of love for the partner with all flaws and realities.

I can’t solve your all problems. But yeah I can promise that you will not face them alone.

This is promising I LOVE YOU MEME for the partner, especially for husband, boyfriends, and fiancé. Show your emotional support to the partner, and support him always.

I love you; I know I didn’t give spaces while writing it, as there’s no room for anyone else between us.

Show your bond beyond the limits. Define our relation in a unique way to make your girlfriend impress and happy.

The way you make me feel, Can’t describe in words.

This I love you meme is the best way to show your feelings to your partner.

The best thing is waited for is – YOU

Express the value of every single second you waited for him to be in his life

I hope, you find the best I LOVE YOU MEME to express the emotional and love feelings to your girlfriend, wife, fiance, best friend, boyfriend, and husband. Keep Loving and keep smiling. We will update this list soon.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Regarding I Love You Memes, here are some frequently asked questions. Let’s explore them all:

What are the Best Il Love You Memes?

Here are some I Love You Memes, you can send your loving to express your love:
Your tight hug give me pleasure and peace
The Best Thing is waited for Is You
Maybe I’m not perfect love, but I love you from my heart and soul
I might be crumpy but still, I love you
I’m for our future together
I love you today, want you tomorrow, and need to till life’s end

Why should you Express your Love Feelings with Funny Memes?

Using funny memes for expressing love feelings to someone specials would be a great way to bring some excitement and curiosity with an expected way of expressing love.


In this article, we have covered everything from quotes, net worth, self-development, and creativity regarding the I Love You Meme. if you love someone and you want to express your feelings in an amazing way, these I Love You Memes can help you to make it funny and expressive. you can select one of these quotes with different styles and effects.

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