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you are my world quotes

Being in love and expressing your feelings to your partner, make your bond stronger and better. It is obvious that your partner will value your words and think in the same way for you. One of the most demanding and popular quotes to express love is “You are my world quotes”.

A fact is that to remind your partner through love quotes that your whole world lies around your partner.

You can say it directly, but there are a number of ways as well! Let’s have look at the top 50 “you are my world quotes” and make your partner feel great every time he/she see the message.


Express your love by sending these top 25 love words to your girlfriend, wife & fiance:

Nothing is more valuable in this world than our relationship.

You are the only reason for my life in this world.

You are the source of love.

Nothing is more valuable than our love.

You and me, our measurements are only heartbeats.

I love you till my last heartbeat.

If you want, I can offer you my heartbeats.

You are the center of my joy.

When I sleep, you are my dreams.

You are EVERYTHING for me.

You may be nothing for the world but for me, you are the heart.

Words are not enough to express my love for you.

You are the world for me.

Life want heart and my you have taken my heart.

Your love connection with me makes me strong.

Whenever I am with you, I sense the breathing of life.

Nobody can change my love for you.

For me, you the infinity beyond everything.

Everything in you is the breathing of life for me.

For me, you are the coffee that I take every morning.

You are the right person for me and my life.

No matters the struggles and difficulties, my love for has no end.

It seems difficult to imagine life without you.

I want you, I need you, I know you and finally, I love you.

I never stop loving you. Love is breathing for life.

Express your love by sending these top 25 love words to your husband, boyfriend and fiance:

Every minute is spent only in love for you.

You completely occupy my heart.

You are a pearl for me that live in my heart.

Whenever you are with me, laugh, live, and love all happened inside me.

I can’t imagine life without you.

I can see the whole world inside you.

My love of my life.

You are the reason for my breath, love, smile, and life.

Whenever I am with you, no need of anything more.

I want the hug that take away my breath.

You are the only source of my silly smile.

You are a perfect match for me.

I still remember the first day we meet.

You are a perfect attraction for me.

You are the part that I need more and more.

Distances never matters in my love.

My life is blank without you.

You are the most beautiful thing happened to me.

My whole world is just you.

You are the lighter of my body.

My reason of breathing is linked to you.

Your messages are sweet memories for me.

For my body, your love is the entire exercise.

My love for you is so pure, so deep, and true.

You make my life colorful.

I hope, you find the “You are my world quote” that best describes the feelings of your heart. Choose the one and send it to your partner. You can inbox, put it on Facebook status, or use it as a splay picture. Good luck!

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