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Sending cheesy and crispy pick-up lines make you able to gain more attention and quick replies from the other side. These are interesting, funny, meaningful, and engaging Food Pick up lines. You can send these pick-up lines as a WhatsApp status, Facebook post, or direct message.

On the basis of my personal experience, I receive quick and healthy responses whenever I send food pick-up lines. He or she surely adores the concept of foodie memes.

Funny & Interesting Food Pick up Lines

If your crush is a food lover, here are some funny & interesting food pickup lines. By sending these Food Pick up lines, you can get more attention and quick replies.

We should get coffee because I like a latte.

You are the best macaroni to my cheese.

If you were a vegetable you should be a cute cucumber.

I have chicken nuggets now all I need is U!

Fruits Connection

Here are some pick lines for the fruits lover. sending these fruity lines can make them curious too.

You must be a banana, I like you a peeling.

I think we should make a ripened pear.

i think you are watermelon, i should eat you all.

You are glowing like red apple, can i eat you?

You are the best macaroni to my cheese

You make my heart skip a beat.

Do you have raisins? How about a date?

Food Pick up lines: You have stolen pizza my heart.

Ice Cream Funny Quotes

Here are some funny quotes about Ice Cream, we believe almost all the girls like Ice cream. You can make them more special by sending them these Ice Cream Pick up lines.

I cannoli have eyes for you.

I think we are mint to be!

You can call me Ice Cream or food because you trust me.

I think you are a barbie cute.

You look like a bowl of ice cream. I just gotta spoon you.

Love me till ice-cream……….!!

Love me till ice-cream

Cold Drink Interesting Quotes

While having a crush on a cold Drink lover, you can make them impress so easily and get attention toward you by sending these lines.

You are like a Sting, even you are bad, I like to taste.

Food Pick up lines: Are you Cold Drink, I want you as Cocktail?

You make my heart beat faster.

First I drink tea, then I do things.

I think we can make a juicy awesome pear.

This may be cheesy, but I think you are a great.

This may be cheesy, but I think you are a great

Your name must be jelly, no need to shake.

You are the McDonald of my heart.

You are the missing ingredients of dreams.

Be a cheese for my zinger.

You are the crust for my pizza.

You are the crust for my pizza

Bakery Funny Quotes

Here are some funny bakery quotes, you can send to get their attention to you. Bakery quotes can make them feel the taste of sweets and cakes.

You are spicier than red chilies for a burger.

I cannoli have eyes for you.

You are so sweet like candy for the kids.

You are the broken pizza part of my heart.

Frequently Asked Question:

If you have a crush on a Food Lover and want to know about Food Pick up lines and their relevant questions. Here we have some frequently asked questions that you can have answers to exactly what you looking for.


I Hope, you will get interesting responses and a healthy start to a conversation with these food pick-up lines. Good luck!

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